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About Atlanta Hears
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About SHHH

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Atlanta Hears is a Georgia affiliate of SHHH  -  Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc.

The Atlanta Hears SHHH Chapter is hosting Conference '99, otherwise known as "Hearing Better @".

For more information, contact:

Conference '99 chairs
   Connie Stratigos    770 992-9707
    Carol Underhill       770 887-8761
    Eileen McGing       770 645-8959

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Atlanta Hears meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7PM at the Atlanta Speech School, 3160 Northside Parkway, Atlanta, Ga. Phone 404 233-5332

                  Atlanta Hears Contacts
Debbie Margulies  770 455-8056 
Vice Pres: 
Janet Traub
Recording Secretary: 
Dora Sweigart
Corresponding Secretary: 
Carol Underhill 770 887-8761
Ron Vickery 706 802-1761
Past President: 
Connie Stratigos 770 992-9707
Eileen McGing 770 645-8959
Publicity:  Gayle Capps
 Newsletter Editor: 
Harriett Frankel
Professional Advisor: 
Stephanie Dirst
Professional Advisor:  Dr. Sanjay Bhansali
SHHH State Co-Coordinator: 
Winnie Hargis 706 226-4290
SHHH State Co-Coordinator:  Ron Vickery 706 802-1761
WEB Master: 
Janet Traub