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A Retreat & Conference for Hard of Hearing People
Our retreat will take place in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, in north Georgia. It is at Unicoi State Park, close to Helen, GA from August 22-24, 1997. Our program is meant for hard of hearing people of all ages, with emphasis on people of working age. Spouses and friends are welcome too!

Hearing    Sounds    on    the    Mountain
The Atlanta Hears Chapter of SHHH invites you to a family retreat and conference this coming August 22 - 24, at Unicoi State Park, near Helen, GA. Many people will arrive early and spend the day Friday exploring the Alpine village of Helen or take a side trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and later meet other hard of hearing friends at a reception sponsored by AT&T Friday evening. Others may choose to take it easy at Unicoi State Park, fishing, camping, or horseback riding. Still others may plan to arrive just in time for the kickoff meeting Saturday morning. A full day of workshops follows with a banquet in the evening. Sunday, programs continue until noon. August is a good time to visit Helen and Unicoi before the OctoberFest crowds flock in. It’s an excellent opportunity to plan a little vacation coupled with an informative, friendly, program where self help sharing is the key. Some people may want to take advantage of Unicoi’s planned activities for children. Children under twelve must be accompanied by an adult. 

We come together to spread the good news that something can be done about hearing loss. Atlanta Hears is a local affiliate of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. (SHHH). We are volunteer, nonprofit, educational organizations devoted to the welfare and interest of those who do not hear well but who are committed to participating in the hearing world. Our chapter's purpose is to identify and communicate with those in Atlanta and surrounding areas who have hearing loss and provide education and support for them, their families, and friends. We provide educational programs to develop and expand coping skills and communication strategies, and to help build a network of support and assistance. 

Our retreat will be communicably accessible with an Infra Red Assistive Listening Systems, provided by Audex, and real time captioning performed by The Caption Company, sponsored by Starkey Labs. It will be one big event in Georgia where no one has to strain to hear. The program starts with a keynote address by Donna Sorkin, Executive Director of SHHH. Then we break for workshops, refreshments, and socializing with other hard of hearing people, hearing care professionals, and activists/workers in the field of hearing loss. Saturday evening features a gala banquet with more socializing after that. We're excited!! 

Opening Session

Donna Sorkin

Executive Director, Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc.

In addition to all her other SHHH activities, Donna represents SHHH before many government bodies in Washington. It will be interesting to find what SHHH has done for us, and what is in store for the future!

Planned Workshops

Getting The Best Use From Your Hearing Aids

Charles (Chip) Bering, Audiologist, Atlanta ENT Associates

Chip will be discussing hearing aid tips and techniques from selecting an audiologist to getting a good fit.

Work Environment Panel

James Goodman, Atlanta attorney and founder of Persons with Disabilities Law Center
Mary Lynn Burton, ADA Specialist with the GA Department of Labor
Lou Ellen McMillan, DHR Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Rev. Ross Jordan, Certified and Registered Mediator for Canasauge Circuit Courts
Winnie M. Hargis, GA SHHH State Coordinator, Certified and Registered Mediator and ADA Consultant

This panel of experts will discuss hearing related problems at work, fielding questions from the audience.

Phone Technology and Relay

Russell Fleming, AT&T  Relay Services

Topics include telephone relay services and related telephone technology.

Discovering Your Gifts

Stephanie Dirst, Director, GA Center for Students with Disabilities

This often humorous workshop will present a variety of techniques, strategies and "manners" intended to challenge the conscience of participants to give the best of themselves in order to receive the best from others. All of us may be difficult to interact with at different times during our lives. However the "gifts" are always there.

Psychological Issues Relating to Hearing Loss 

Dr. Eric Rosen, Psychologist, GA Council for the Hearing Impaired

This program will discuss coping skills, dealing with hearing loss, and family related issues when someone is hearing impaired.

Hearing Health

Dr. Sanjay Bhansali, Atlanta ENT Associates

This workshop offer suggestions on how to take care of your remaining hearing, causes of hearing loss, and medications that can be harmful to hearing.

Cochlear Implants

Lucindy B. Gary, M. A., Atlanta Ear Clinic, P. C. 

This session will give basic information about cochlear implants; what they are and what they do. Many implant recipients will be available for “show and tell” and to answer questions.

Assistive Listening Devices

Charles Beatty, President, Audex Corporation

This session will demonstrate or discuss the various types of equipment available to help hard of hearing people communicate better.

Captioning - What It Is, And How It Can Help You

Judy Brentano, President, The Caption Company

This workshop will give an explanation of  the various types captioning, and how you can use captioning to help you and your family enjoy television, movies, classes, and meetings.

Your Rights As A Hard Of Hearing Person

Shelley Kaplan, SE Disability & Business Assistance Center

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the focus of this workshop. Learn how to become more involved in advocating for your rights under the ADA.

Gala Banquet

The banquet is a time of enjoying a good meal and celebrating the day's activities - talking with new friends about what was learned at the workshops. This banquet will feature two key after dinner speakers:

Warren Barnett

Warren has served for many years on the SHHH Board of Trustees, the governing body of SHHH. He has held many offices including President and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees. He is an effective advocate for hard of hearing people both nationally and in the state of Tennessee.

Dr. Eric Rosen

Dr. Rosen is a psychologist associated with the Georgia Council of the Hearing Impaired (GACHI), specializing in the needs of deaf and hard of hearing people. He is scheduled to present a workshop earlier in the day and his banquet speech will give everyone an opportunity to share his insights.


Exhibit Hall

Make sure to plan time to visit the exhibit hall to see the latest in hearing aids, cochlear implants, Assistive devices, and special interest groups.
Contacts Please E-Mail or call any of these people for a registration package which includes a list of motels/hotels near Unicoi and a registration form.
Amy Melnick
Conference/Retreat Chair
404 892-3043 V/TTY 
404-653-1242 (Work) (Work)
Connie Stratigos
Atlanta Hears
770 992-9707 V
770 992-6195 TTY
Ron Vickery
Editor of this page
706 802-1761

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